EarthSafe™ Air Power System

The biggest innovation in barrier packaging since the invention of the can.

Being green and environmentally friendly is no longer a choice; Government regulations and popular demand are making the adoption of safer, eco-oriented barrier packaging systems and materials a requirement of doing business. And the standards are only going to get stricter.

Once again, Ultramotive is ahead of the curve with our EarthSafe™ Air Power System. EarthSafe™ eliminates the need for hydrocarbons as a propellant source, replacing it with compressed air, reducing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and making it the innovation of a lifetime. This game-changing advance rewrites the rule book on how to develop ozone friendly and environmentally responsible packaging to reduce ecological impact. That’s why you’ll find it not only in many of our own Ultra Green Barrier Systems products, but those of national brands as well.

Download the Earthsafe Overview (PDF format)

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