Behind the Barrier


Behind the barrier: how EarthSafe™ works

At the heart of the EarthSafe Air Power System are three main components, all of which represent significant R&D by Ultramotive and a number of hard-earned patents.

Valve Assembly
A completely new valve was developed incorporating technology to uniformly dispense product throughout can use. When using compressed air, the propellant pressure drops as the product is dispensed. The EarthSafe valve is designed to dispense uniformly. This technologically advanced valve also uses fewer moving parts, which means greater reliability and lower cost.

Delbar® Piston
The core of EarthSafe is the patented Delbar piston. Unlike many injection-molded pistons, the EarthSafe piston is pressure-formed from sheet stock using two layers of polypropylene surrounding a center layer of “Eval”, a polyolefin like “Saran”. Consequently, this piston fulfils two very important functions: the “Eval” eliminates primary permeation that prevents gases migrating through the wall of the piston; the piston also has a flexible sidewall bow which permits an interference fit with the can wall, helping restrict secondary permeation and eliminating propellant migration up the sidewall of the piston. Through this combination EarthSafe increases product shelf life as well as increasing evacuation of the contents.

EarthSafe™ Sealing Plug
The smallest but perhaps the most symbolic and important component of the system is the patented airtight sealing bottom plug. After years of research and development, the result is key to EarthSafe. The totally leak free “green dot” plug is clear indication that a product is using safe, non-combustible “air” as the propellant.

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