Patented Barrier System


Removing the barriers to barrier packaging.

Ultramotive is committed to bringing new barrier packaging technologies to market that help companies and consumers comply with evolving industry regulations, achieve higher levels of sustainability and have an improved product experience. EarthSafe is ideally suited for use with viscous products like shave gels, creams and food products.

The patented barrier piston increases product shelf life by eliminating propellant permeation into the product, and allows for total product evacuation at consistent flow rates from start to finish, eliminating waste. The new valve also uses fewer moving parts, increasing reliability and decreasing resource use. The systems patented universal grommet creates an airtight seal, enabling use of lower pressure to discharge the product.

The steel package is also totally recyclable, an important factor for today’s environmentally conscious consumers. Lower propellant pressure mean thinner package walls, lowering the weight and saving tons of steel in the manufacturing process. Companies can see significant energy savings by increasing the number of tins on each pallet for transportation and reducing the number of vehicles needed to deliver the annual volume of metal containers. Plus, the metal packaging can be infinitely recycled, making a significant contribution to the environment.

The EarthSafe Air Power System has the potential to eliminate tons of harmful hydrocarbons entering the atmosphere every year. In fact, if EarthSafe were used just in the 300 million cans of shave gel produced in the U.S. each year, it would prevent 2000 tons of hydrocarbons from being released.

As the world’s greenest, environmentally-friendly packaging option, EarthSafe is just one more example of how we’re using sustainable innovation to remove all barriers in barrier packaging.

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