Packaging: Actuators

Depending on what goes in the can dictates the type of actuator for best getting it out. Ultramotive can utilize a wide selection of actuator types, or design and produce a custom version if your product requires it. We have designed and patented many of the actuators in common use today, and continue to develop new ideas and improve old ones. Like all our barrier packaging components, Ultramotive patented actuators are manufactured using superior-quality materials and processes.

Ultramotive’s “UltraGreen” SAP105 and SAP128 Trigger Extension Noxxles are designed for controlled, pin-point application of RTV silicone gasket making compounds and greases. These nozzles prevent overstressing of the valve stem and allow easy cleaning and simple ScrewOn/Screw Off assembly and disassembly. Unlike other complicated and expensively engineered metal/plastic trigger nozzles out Trigger Nozzels exemplify “Yankee Ingenuity” at it’s finest – FUNCTIONAL, SIMPLE and extremely COST EFFECTIVE.

Ultramotive’s “UltraGreen” T68 and T70 are tapered nozzles that can be attached to can FOR A PROFESSIONAL LOOK at no additional cost.

The EarthSafe T96 and the T92 Brush Applicators are designed for light to medium viscous products.