Contract Filling


We’re not a household name, but we’re in a lot of households.

Our packaging technology for caulks, greases, urethane, RTV silicones, personal care creams and other viscous materials assures reliable dispensing and maximizes shelf life. The development of proprietary manufacturing machinery allows us to pack cans of various sizes, giving you a marketable cost-to-size ratio. As pioneers in the use of compressed air as a propellant, our cans are non-flammable and insensitive to temperature extremes.

Ultramotive can provide you with customized private label products as well as Ultra Green Barrier Systems-branded products that can help you compete with major national brands at a fraction of the cost. Whether you require products for your chain of stores, as samples for customers and clients, for an e-commerce organization or any other use, Ultramotive can fill your barrier packaging needs with your products or those of third-party suppliers.

You can choose from our ground-breaking EarthSafe Air Power System eco-friendly packaging with compressed air propellant, or we can employ more traditional propellants if you require. A wide variety of barrier package sizes, materials and dispensing components are available, many of which are custom manufactured at our facility or strategic partner plants. We can also produce spray products with your formulations in a complete package supplied by us. Our size and proprietary machinery give us the flexibility to do small runs using the size container that you require, from ½ ounce up.

From lock deicer to RTV silicone, urethane, caulking compound, personal care creams, lubricants, air horns, grease and even rodent bait, we’ve done it all, for some of the biggest brands in the world. That’s why you may not find our name, but you will find our products in households and businesses everywhere.


Ultramotive custom fills pressurized cans using a variety of propellants, including air, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and hydrocarbons. We are often able to replace an existing propellant with one which is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.


Our barrier packaging capabilities include piston, pouch and bag methods. We can pack viscous materials including silicones and greases, and other viscous materials so they dispense efficiently, reliably and in an environmentally responsible manner. Experience and proprietary technologies have enabled us to succeed where others have failed.